Extra Two-Way Voice Alarm Pendant (for white base)

SKU 31320-2

This Two Way Voice Pendant features a full 2-way radio that lets you both speak to and hear the emergency response operator. Unlike PERS emergency alert pendants that only speak through the base station, the MediVoice Alert®'s Medical Monitoring System and wearable Medical Alarm pendant/belt clip you can get the help you need where you need it.

  • 2-way Voice wearable Medical Alarm
  • Provides voice communication with emergency services
  • Water Resistant
  • Up to 4 hours talk and 6 months standby times
  • Up to 400' range
  • Works Outside
  • Works Upstairs
  • Works in Basement
  • Works Around the House

The MediVoice Alert® 's Two Way Voice Pendant pendant/belt clip comes with; 2 rechargeable Pendant Batteries; Belt Clip; Wrist Strap; Pendant style Lanyard. The water resistant, wearable Medical Alarm is UL listed, approved for all 50 US states and recommended by health care providers, doctors, and experts.


Compare MediVoice Alert®'s Medical Monitoring System to Life Alert®. The MediVoice Alert® Medical Alarm Device is more than just a panic button. MediVoice Alert® wearable Medical Alarm wrist/pendant/belt clip let you hear and speak directly into the wearable Medical Alarm. For use with MediVoice Alert®'s Medical Monitoring System.


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        Extra Two-Way Voice Alarm Pendant (for white base)
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    This extra pendant is compatible with the white colored base stations.
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