Medical Monitoring & Alert Device

How is the MediVoice Alert® Medical Monitoring & Alert Device different from other PERS alert pendant? Most PERS emergency pendants are just a button which activates a speaker located on a base station to call an operator, and that is all. The MediVoice Alert® Medical Monitoring Device is a direct 2-way voice communicator that calls a EMT (emergency medical technician) . When you use the Medivoice Alert® Medical Monitoring & Alarm System you can speak to a live professional EMT staffed call center through the Wearable Medical Monitoring device itself (as a pendant or belt clip).

By speaking to the EMT through the MediVoice Alert®'s Medical Monitoring & Alarm system you can get the help you need. If you don't want the paramedics to come, and just need to call a relative, you can do that as well! Avoid costly mistakes by ensuring the EMT knows what you need no matter where you are, even outside.

Works Outside
With the MediVoice Alert®'s Medical Monitoring System you can activate your wearable Medical Monitoring Alarm device (as a pendant or belt clip) if you have fallen down outside in your back yard or garden. By speaking into the device to the EMT you will be able to ask them to call your neighbor for a hand up.  With other PERS systems you may be too far from the base station speaker inside your home for them to hear you resulting in an unnecessary EMS call that can cost you money.

Accidental Activation
If you accidentally activate your monitoring device (pendant/beltclip) while you are about your house and away from the base station, the EMT will speak to you directly from that device. You can explain that you are ok and avoid a costly ambulance call.  With PERS systems you may not hear the operator speaking to you. If the operator cannot confirm your safety they may call an ambulance and you may be responsible for that cost.

Upstairs, Basement and Around the House
While using other PERS system you can only travel on the first floor of your house, within a hundred feet of the speaker and microphone. With MediVoice Alert®'s wearable Medical Monitoring Device (pendant/beltclip), you are able to travel several HUNDRED feet from the base station. You can speak with the EMT clearly and communicate your situation from the attic, basement.  Don't bet on your emergency to happen within earshot of a speaker box. Order the MediVoice Alert® Medical Monitoring Device today.

MediVoice Alert®'s Medical Monitoring System is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year! You will feel very safe and comfortable with our professionally trained, EMT staff on the other line! With PERS Systems, if you are too far away from the base unit, the operator cannot hear you, and will send out the cavalry, when all you needed was help from a neighbor or relative. The MediVoice Alert® Medical Monitoring System does it all!

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