About EMS Sentry, Inc.®

Mission Statement

To offer customers high-quality Medical Monitoring & Alert Systems in a cost-effective manner. To provide excellent customer service and craftsmanship of each product sold to the consumer.

To offer customers high quality Two-way Medical Monitoring & Alert System to the senior community and those with disabilities or health conditions that need immediate medical emergency attention in a cost-effective manner.

EMS Sentry located in North Canton, Ohio is a privately owned company serving the entire nation through sales and distribution of the MediVoice Alert® Medical Monitoring System. EMS Sentry is a sister company of APARCO Security that provides medical alert systems to individuals in several health care and independent living situations.

APARCO Security has been in business for 8 years with over 22 years of security and monitoring experience in the industry. Our main focus is the monitoring, development and supply of electronic audio devices. Our principal markets are Security and Monitoring. Our existing products include: MediVoice Alert® Medical Monitoring System .

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